Arne Dich

Danish Suite

A suite of folk-dances, traditional melodies and beloved songs of Carl Nielsen and Niels W.Gade


Dreamed me a Dream Oldest notated melody, 1300
Morning Song from ”Elverskud” Niels W. Gade
Ace of Diamonds Folkdance
Lay down, sweet Flower, your Head   Carl Nielsen
Chickenfeet and Carrots Folkdance
Oft am I glad Carl Nielsen
Strangest Breeze of twilight hours   Carl Nielsen
Shoemakers Tune Folkdance
There stood three rogues Folksong


1. flute 2. oboe 3. violin 4. viola 5. cello
1. oboe 2. violin 3. viola 4. cello / bassoon 5. bassoon
1. violin 2. clarinet in Bb 3. clarinet in Bb 4. clarinet in Bb 5. bass-clarinet in Bb
1. clarinet in Bb 2. altosax in Eb 3. altosax in Eb 4. tenorsax in Bb 5. double bass
1. altosax in Eb   3. tenorsax in Bb 4. trombone bassclef 5. baritone sax in Eb
    3. trombone bassclef 4. horn in F  
Additional, optional Parts: Guitar and Piano


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