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NEW: 2013 Dichmusik, Molbohistorier & Meteorite had totally 700.000 hits.

In 2011 www.DichMusik.dk had 350.000 hits from all over the world, and www.Molbohistorier.net had 125.000 mostly from Scandinavia and USA.I wish to thank for all the kind mails i have recieved from users.

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“The Svend Asmussen Free Online Score-Library”

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This site has a simple lay-out, but the arrangements are of a high quality. The used language is mainly danish by the time being.
New: See Arne Dich's "Poster" on "Research Day"
Many browsers can "translate" my danish pages. BUT! The result is really funny - you may get some impression of what it's all about, but please do not believe everything. I now only use my "english" on the new pages, I also use a "dich"-tionary and hope it's more understandable than the translation-machines.

There are different kinds of arrangements (or my own compositions)

  • Ad Hoc-arrangements for 3, 4 or 5 voices. Each voice is transposed for different instruments, and the composition can be played for almost any combination of wood- and string-instruments. All the parts are of musical interest. Mainly for good amateurs.
  • Arrangements for wind-quintet and wind-nonet. (Professional & amateurs)
  • Arrangements for Wind-Band ("Harmonie")
  • Arrangements for special combinations of winds
  • Arrangements for special instrument-combinations
  • Piano-arrangements
  • A course in arranging for musicschool-adhoc-band (in danish by the time being)

The arrangements are products

  • from my 40 years of work on Det jyske Musikkonservatorium, Aarhus, Denmark (Royal Academy of Music), with my students amateur-rehearsal-adhoc-band and more ambitious projects.
  • from chambermusic with my good amateur-friends.
  • from my work in the amateur-windband TONICA .
  • from my connection with talented young players on music schools, especially Aarhus Musikskole .
I work on the site as often as possible, and it will expand in the coming years, as I have dozens of arrangements on the computer. Small Ad-Hoc-things, and compositions for full wind-band, and many things in between. I have retired from my work as professor educating music teachers, teaching arranging in (semi-)classical styles, musicgroup instruction, jazz-piano etc. - and is now playing chambermusic on my bassoon, jazz on the piano, arranging and composing and still having a few weekly lessons on the Academy. And of course I work on this site and mail with its many users all over the world. In 2009 dichmusik.dk passed 300.000 hits.
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