Herluf Vad Thomsen

WindQuintet 1943

Revised of Arne Dich 2009

Thomsen, Herluf Vad (1900-1987) was a radio operator and organist in Fredericia, Denmark about 1948, folk musician, arranger and composer.

Among folk musicians he is highly reputated for his two volumes (more than 700 dance-tunes) of arrangements for Quartet (2 violins, Clarinet in A and stringbass).

Herluf Vad Thomsen gave the manuscript of the wind quintet to Finn Skovfoged, born the same year as the Quintet was composed, 1943, humorously describing it as "long, difficult and boring".

Finn and I have played windmusic for 20 years. He asked me to look at the manuscript (no score is known), and I have made a critical revision, corrected errors, and especially "sharpened" the phrasing, dynamics, slurs and articulation. With gentleness I also have changed a few notes.

And now we are proud to present a "new" charming Danish windquintet to the public. It has all the qualities a quintet must have. Five independent voices in conversation, seriousness and humour, and a myriad of motives blend in a personal style with a few reminiscences of Carl Nielsen. Anything but "long and boring".

Herluf Vad Thomsen