The little Mermaid

For: Violin, guitar, bass & drums

From the CD "Fiddling Around", 1994, with Svend (violin), Jacob Fischer (guitar), Jesper Lundgaard (bass) and AageTanggaard (drums).

Based on Svends manuscript supplied with passages transcribed from the CD by Arne Dich.

The composition is based on the chords from "Wonderfull Copenhagen" (Text & Melody by Frank Loesser) sung by Danny Kaye in the Hollywood movie "Hans Christian Andersen" from 1952. In the Coda Svend elegantly quotes the original melody in the Coda Bar 9 and 49.

The Little Mermaid

Score & Parts
Computersound of the arrangement
20 seconds' from the original LP
1. page of original manuscript
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